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3W CLINIC Collagen Eye Cream
3W CLINIC Collagen Eye Cream
Крем для глаз с коллагеном
  • Бренд: 3W CLINIC
  • Артикул: 29452
  • Объем: 40 мл.
  • Вес: 150.00
  • Наличие: есть в наличии
Описание Отзывы Изображения
  • ● Products Description
    Collagen improve wrinkles and by the oil and water balance to the chapped skin.
    Smooth skin, eyes than take care of me.
    Hydrolyzed collangen and adequate nurtition and hydration in skin contains a type of transfer.
    Various extracts is elastic and take care of their skin moist.
    ● How to use
    An appropriate amount take slightly beat a tattoo until it is absorbed into the skin after spread in your eyes.
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