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THE FACE SHOP Smile Foot Mask
THE FACE SHOP Smile Foot Mask
Маска для кожи ног
  • Бренд: The Face Shop
  • Артикул: 294568
  • Объем: шт.
  • Вес: 124.00
  • Наличие: есть в наличии
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  • Маска для кожи ног THE FACE SHOP Smile Foot Mask

    Shea butter, urea and collagen that have strong moisturizing effect care your feet
    softly as baby feet.
    Refreshing peppermint oil cares feet's bad smell.
    Simple socks type of disposable foot mask.

    1. Wash up your feet cleary and dry.
    2. Separate foot mask according the dotted line.
    3. Wear the foot mask and wait 20~30 minutes.
    4. Take off the foot mask and tap lightly for absorption of the residual.
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