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Sulwhasoo Everefine Lifting Cream
Sulwhasoo Everefine Lifting Cream
Пробник 10 шт. Премиум лифтинг крем
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  • Бренд: Sulwhasoo
  • Артикул: 3168584
  • Объем: 10 шт. х 1 мл.
  • Вес: 110.00
  • Наличие: ожидаем
Описание Отзывы Изображения
  • Nutrient-rich lifting line for women in their 50s and 60s.

    Nutrient-rich lifting line for women in their 50s and 60s.
    Rich moisturizing and lifting cream for correcting signs of aging,
    including loss of elasticity and skin dryness .
    Containing a high concentration of nutrient-rich components,
    the special texture helps the skin maintain firmness and smoothness even overnight.

    Korean herbal medicine complex for skin lifting, Maeseondan and Ginger extracts.
    While boosting the efficacies of coumestrol (CMS), a skin firming component
    found in Bean Leaves extracts, by ten times, Sulwhasoo combines it with licorice
    and Ginkgo leaves to create Maeseondan, which helps increase skin firmness.
    The Ginger extracts in the cream also bring out the skin's healthy glow.

    Delivering positive energy with Plum Blossom fragrance.
    The subtle fragrance of White Plum Blossom delivers rejuvenating positive energy.
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