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I'M FROM Ginseng Serum
I'M FROM Ginseng Serum
Ампульная сыворотка с женьшенем
  • Бренд: I'M FROM
  • Артикул: 3169793
  • Объем: 30 мл.
  • Вес: 250.00
  • Наличие: есть в наличии
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  • Ампульная сыворотка с женьшенем I'M FROM Ginseng Serum 30 мл.

    7.98% Ginseng Extract Formulated with 7.98% concentrated ginseng extract, the Ginseng serum is

    designed to naturally enhance blood circulation to make your complexion look more lively while

    replenshing the necessary nourishments for High-concentrate Nutrients Ginseng extract penetrates deep 

    into the skin to increase Ginseng extract tightly adheres to the skin, working to add elasticity to flat,

    lifeless skin. Skin purifying  The concentrated antioxidant properties of the Ginseng extract purifies skin

    that is fatigued from extermal stimuli and accumulated waste.

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