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Purederm Firming Lift Multi-step V-Line treatment
Purederm Firming Lift Multi-step V-Line treatment
Двухшаговая лифтинговая маска для контура лица
  • Бренд: Purederm
  • Артикул: 3170326
  • Объем: 1 шт.
  • Вес: 80.00
  • Наличие: есть в наличии
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  • Двухшаговая лифтинговая маска для контура лица Purederm Firming Lift Multi-step V-Line treatment 1 шт.
    • *Purederm Firming Lift multi-step V-line treatment, containing Firming Lift ampoule(step1)& V-line Gel patch,

      is an innovative 2-step skin regenerative program that combines the benefits of a skin ampoule and

      gel patch for maximum treatment results.

      * Firming lift ampoule (step1) : Designed to be uesd prior to V-line Gel patch, this skin-lifting ampoule firms and tones droopy

      and inelastic skin while facilitating the absorption of the active ingredients in the gel patch.

      *V-line Gel patch (step2) : made of high-moisturizing hydrogel with superb elasticity and primerless adhesion to help tone sagging

      skin and double chin for sharper, smoother facial contours. The collagen and caviar extract firm and lift up the skin while pumpkin and

      ginkgo extract improve microcirculation and reduce welling in the face.

      How to use:

      1. Thoroughly cleanse and tone face.

      2. Open the pouch along the dotted line in the center and remove firming lift ampoule(step1). Apply an even layer to the chin area.

      3. Open V-line gel patch (step2) and remove the patch from the plastic liner. Apply the patch with the shiny side facing your skin.

      Fit the patch to the center of the chin.  Pull to the cheeks in gentle smoothing motions and place the ear loops around the ears.

      Smooth out air bubbles, ensuring good contact with skin.

      4. Wear the patch for 20 to 30 minute. Remove the patch and rinse off any residue with water.

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