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ANJO 24K Gold Skin Care Set
ANJO 24K Gold Skin Care Set
Набор для ухода за кожей
  • Бренд: ANJO
  • Артикул: 3170555
  • Объем: набор
  • Вес: 2900.00
  • Наличие: есть в наличии

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  • Набор для ухода за кожей ANJO 24K Gold Skin Care Set 

    В набор входят:

    Тонер 120 мл.
    Эмульсия 120 мл.
    Эссенция 35 мл.
    Ампула 35 мл.
    Крем для век 30 г.
    Крем для лица 50 г.

    Anjo professional 24k gold skin care 6 set. A skin of higher quality than gold. With 99.9% pure gold. This product is designed to improve wrinkles by taking care of complex skin problems that arise as your age and regain the elasticity and healthy gloss of skin. The premium gold skin care set is designed to provide intensive care to tired skin as if it we luxury esthetic with 24k gold it contains 99.9%pure gold help to keep your skin soft and supple from the bottom of it. Moisturizing the skin with vegetables 5v-complex. The 5v-complex extracts give vitality to the skin by moisturizing and nourishing it. It also keep your skin youthful and tight revitalizing its texture. Intensive wrinkles repairing andenosine strengthens elastictity and give volume to the skin for youthful looking skin.
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