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ANJO 24K Gold Foundation SPF50+ PA+++
ANJO 24K Gold Foundation SPF50+ PA+++
Антивозрастная тональная основа
  • Опции: 
  • Бренд: ANJO
  • Артикул:
  • Объем: 40 мл.
  • Вес: 300.00
  • Наличие: есть в наличии

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  • Антивозрастная тональная основа ANJO 24K Gold Foundation SPF50+ PA+++ 40 мл.

    It contains the three most beautiful women in China, Yang Guifei, and precious pure gold, the beauty secret of Cleopatra, giving them a golden skin. It also fills your skin's health with clean skin and powerful UV protection SPF50+/PA+++ functions. Apply a close coating between the pores and wrinkles to create a natural glow. It's covered with a pure, bright, natural formula that covers your skin with flawless skin. It is not sticky but mild and moist and sticks to the skin to increase the coloration.

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    23 Натуральный бежевый
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